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David D. Dusek, Premier DUI Attorney, Advanced Level Training on Winning DUI Cases Using Finger Dexterity

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | DUI

David D. Dusek recently received advanced level training, from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, on winning DUI cases using finger dexterity. It is critically important to understand that officers are trained that alcohol goes to the muscles and, if a person is impaired, the alcohol in the muscles will cause finger dexterity problems. The main area in a case where officers are trained to look for finger dexterity issues is while the driver is retrieving their Driver’s License, registration, and proof of insurance and providing those documents to the officer. Officers are trained that alcohol in the muscles will cause a driver to fumble and drop their documents. If a driver doesn’t have any finger dexterity problems, we can get an officer to testify that the driver did not have an impairing amount of alcohol in their system at that time. Additionally, there are many overlooked areas in a case where skilled attorneys can also look for evidence that their client did not have finger dexterity issues. It is critical to hire an attorney who understands the importance of looking for the lack of finger dexterity problems in a case and knows how to use that information to force an officer to explain to the Judge or the Jury that the client is not guilty. This training was provided by Dave Cox, the Founder and President of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys.  Learn More


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