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North Dakota accused of firing shots at residence

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

News reports in North Dakota did not offer any information as to why he supposedly did it, but a man allegedly fired shots at a residence in Minot recently. If he did it, and prosecutors still must prove their case, he could have been trying to scare or intimidate people inside the house, or he could have been seeking revenge for some perceived wrongdoing the resident’s occupants committed against him. Whatever the case, the man was placed under arrest for firing shots at a house, and he is likely considering his options for an effective criminal defense. 

Incident and arrest 

The incident apparently happened sometime on Wednesday, Jan. 18. According to Minot Police, a 22-year-old man from another state fired shots at a home in the southeast part of town. According to witnesses, the man fired the shots and then drove away. Authorities could not locate the vehicle he was reportedly driving, nor could they find the gun he allegedly used. Regardless, officers arrested the man, and he is set for arraignment on Feb. 23. 

Police say that during the shooting, bullets struck an outside deck, nearly striking a person in the head. Other rounds were found inside the home’s kitchen near another victim who also wasn’t hit with any of the shots. No word was given as to why the shots were fired at the residence. 

Charges and defense 

The man faces two counts of reckless endangerment with extreme indifference. Each charge is a Class C felony, which can have serious consequences if he is convicted. Ostensibly, this case seems to be driven primarily by eyewitness accounts, and the fact that authorities could not locate either the car or the gun may bode well for the accused. He will need to consult an experienced North Dakota criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for help developing an effective defense against the charges. 


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