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Driver arrested after crash

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Some people in North Dakota make questionable decisions that lead to them hurting themselves or others, as well as having legal repercussions. Case in point, an adult driver was arrested and a minor was injured in a crash that happened when the driver reportedly sped away from police. Now, the youth is recovering from his injuries and the driver is likely considering his options for criminal defense. In fact, the juvenile and the driver may face charges arising from a previous alleged burglary incident. 

Accident, injury and arrest 

Around 3 a.m. the morning of Nov. 23, a deputy with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office was on patrol when a vehicle reportedly sped past him. The officer is said to have tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver purportedly turned his lights off and continued driving at a high rate of speed. The deputy eventually lost sight of the car close to I-29 and reportedly ended his chase.  

Not long afterward, the deputy came upon a crash scene at County Road 81 and County Road 14. The car he had been chasing had apparently crashed and rolled over. Officers approached the vehicle with guns drawn and detained the two individuals in the car. The driver was identified as a 20-year-old male, and his passenger was described as a 16-year-old male. Officers arrested the driver for fleeing and aggravated reckless endangerment, and the juvenile was sent to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The driver was also hurt but refused medical treatment at the scene. 

Additional charges 

Following the incident, law enforcement learned the two had allegedly burglarized a construction site near Horace before fleeing from police. The sheriff’s office is continuing its investigation into the alleged burglary, and additional charges are pending, presumably against both individuals. As such, the driver and his passenger both will need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Dakota to help them answer the charges and obtain the most favorable outcome possible. 


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