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Car chase ends in arrest for Grand Forks man

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Some people in Minnesota commit crimes and then try to evade capture by running from authorities. What often ensues is a car chase to apprehend the suspect, and many times, these chases can go across county or even state lines. One man from Grand Forks is likely considering his defense options after being arrested on multiple charges following a police pursuit.

Alleged offenses and arrest

A wild day started for Grand Forks Police just after noon on Tuesday, Nov. 8. They first received a call that someone was driving on the sidewalk on 32nd Avenue, and that they had then pulled into a Walmart parking lot. On their way to the scene, police received another dispatch about a man who had allegedly threatened to shoot a woman in another area on Queens Court. They say the man apparently left the scene without firing his weapon.

Then, a report came in that someone had purportedly stolen merchandise and gas from a gas station on South Washington Street. Authorities say they attempted to stop the suspect, but claim that he led them on a chase that eventually ended in East Grand Forks, near the North Dakota border. After finally apprehending the man, police identified him as 28 years old, and he was arrested on a litany of charges that include reckless driving, criminal mischief and terrorizing.

Right to defense

As he sits in the Polk County Tri-County Corrections Facility, no doubt this man is considering his options for defending himself against the charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Minnesota can help the man understand his rights and options for defense. A lawyer can also challenge the evidence prosecutors plan to use against him to help the man pursue the most favorable outcome possible.


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