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Several detained, 1 arrested for alleged shooting

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Minnesota police in Moorhead detained four people recently following a high-speed chase. They had received reports of a vehicle that was reported to be involved in a shooting incident, but no further details were given. Police ended up making one arrest, and the individual is likely considering his options for defending himself against the charges he faces. 

Incident details 

Around 11 p.m. on Sept. 7, the Moorhead Police Department received a call that a vehicle was apparently involved in a shooting in neighboring Fargo. Officers were able to locate the vehicle on I-94, and they tried to initiate a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle fled and reached speeds of more than 100 mph. The vehicle crashed as the driver was trying to exit the interstate, and four individuals in the car fled the scene.  

Police set up a perimeter around the area and closed that portion of I-94. Officers brought in K-9 units to track the suspects. The canine apparently discovered three loaded guns along with a backpack that is said to have contained marijuana, but the report did not say if the items were found in the vehicle or in the vicinity. Authorities say they finally found all four individuals hiding in a culvert. All four were detained, but one of them, an 18-year-old, was arrested for fleeing in a motor vehicle. 

Answering the charges 

Presumably, authorities believed the 18-year-old was driving the car when it fled from the initial traffic stop. Nothing in the report mentioned how authorities determined he was the driver. Considering all the questions surrounding this particular incident and subsequent arrest, the accused appears to have options in preparing a meaningful and focused defense. He is likely consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Minnesota for help with answering the charges and pursuing the best outcome possible. 


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