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How To Use A Police Report Against An Officer – AAPDA Video

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | DUI

Watch this video by the AAPDA (American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys) to learn more about how police, prosecutors and defense attorneys use police reports. This video covers this information more in-depth:

  • The contents of the police report and the associated documents are generally used against the defendant
  • However, attorneys who are skilled in using the NHTSA manuals, will be able to sue the police report and the associated documents against both the officer and the prosecutor
  • Officers and prosecutors hate it when a defense attorney bring the NHTSA manuals to the courtroom and uses them effectively
  • The NHTSA manual makes officers and prosecutors look bad and they lose a lot more cases when the NHTSA manuals are used by the defense

Mr. Dusek receives advanced level training from the AAPDA.


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