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Car crash leads to DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2021 | DUI

The decision to drink and drive is never a good one. Not only can it lead to an accident; it can lead to arrest, and those convicted of such offenses face life-altering consequences that go beyond any time served. Unfortunately for one Minnesota man, his decision to allegedly drive after becoming intoxicated led to both a car accident and his arrest for suspicion of DUI, among other charges. 

Details regarding the accident and arrest 

Reports state that a man from Wadena ran into a snowbank and collided with a guard fence. The accident took place the night of Sunday, Dec. 12 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in the 1500 block of 17th Ave. S. The report says the man then tried to flee from the scene. 

The report also states the man had a passenger in the car with him, and that individual also purportedly tried to flee the scene but was apprehended and arrested. No information was given about the passenger suspect or the charges he or she faces. The driver of the vehicle was ultimately charged with DUI, carrying a concealed weapon, leaving the scene of a crash and drug possession. No word was given on any upcoming court dates. 

Right to defense 

Although the accused driver was charged with a slew of criminal offenses, he is still innocent in the eyes of the law until, and only if, proven guilty. As such, he will want to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help him protect his rights and challenge any evidence against him. After analyzing the evidence and the circumstances and procedures involving his arrest, a lawyer will be able to advise the suspect of his options and work to obtain the best outcome possible for him. 


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