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Car chase and crash leads to arrest of 2 men

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2021 | DUI

Two men were taken into custody in North Dakota recently following a high-speed police chase and subsequent crash. A chase that started in a neighboring state continued into North Dakota and finally ended when one suspect wrecked the car he was driving. Now, he and his passenger, who was also a driver of the car at one point, are facing a variety of charges, including DUI. 

Details of the chase, accident and arrest 

Reports state that two men were travelling at close to 100 mph as they entered North Dakota. The incident occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 20. At one point, according to officials, the driver of the car stopped and switched places with his passenger before taking off again at high speeds. 

What started in Clay County, Minnesota, ultimately ended when the car crashed in Reed, North Dakota. Before the crash, the car had stopped once again, and the passenger who had been driving the car previously reportedly got out and ran from police. He was apprehended, but the other driver apparently continued. This second driver then crashed the vehicle and ran into a grove of trees before authorities took him into custody as well. 

Pending charges 

Each of the men face charges of DUI, and the first driver of the car also faces charges of driving under a suspended license. The other man also faces charges of reckless endangerment. As serious as the charges are, each of the defendants will do well to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them protect their rights and liberties and increase their chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances. 


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