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Traditional punishment not always called for in drug crime cases

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Drug Charges

Every year, numerous Minnesota residents find themselves facing drug-related criminal charges. Some, not all, will end up behind bars, as traditional punishment is not always called for in drug crime cases. Treatment court is often used instead to reduce jail populations and help people overcome addiction.

How does treatment court work?

If a persons case is moved to treatment court, there are several things the individual will be required to do in order to avoid jail time. Some of these things include attending court hearings, submitting to random drug testing, attending private and/or group therapy sessions, and checking in with a probation officer. Noncompliance will result in ones case being moved back to criminal court.

Who qualifies?

Anyone whom the court believes would benefit from rehabilitation rather than punishment may qualify to have their case moved to treatment court. It is not for violent offenders. It may not be available to repeat offenders.

The benefits

Treatment court has proven very effective since its inception. It has helped numerous individuals accused of drug-related crimes move on the lead productive, stable lives, and has kept many individuals out of jail and families together. The benefits certainly make it worth looking into. Minnesota residents who find themselves facing drug charges can turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out if treatment court is an option for them. If it is, legal counsel can help one fight to receive this alternative sentencing versus any traditional punishment that would come if one is ultimately convicted.


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