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Fargo man facing assault, robbery and now murder charges

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A few short weeks ago, police in Fargo arrested the man they believe is responsible for assaulting a teenage girl. This event occurred in a parking lot located at 4340 13th Avenue South on June 4. As the victim initially survived the attack, the accused was charged with assault and robbery. Sadly, she died a few days later, so a murder charge has been added to the mix.  

What happened? 

According to reports, a sanitation worker was driving through the parking lot when he claims to have seen the accused attacking the victim. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found the teenager badly beaten and the individual responsible long gone. The victim was transported to an area hospital, where she was placed on life support for a few days before ultimately passing away.  

The accused 

The accused — a 23-year-old male — was identified using surveillance video. After being picked up by police, he reportedly told them he is homeless and suffers from depression, anxiety and drug addiction. He claims to have used meth the day before the attack and doesn’t remember anything about it.  


A case like this may seem pretty open and shut, which can leave the accused believing there is no hope and no point in fighting. There is a lot more to this case than meets the eye, though. The accused has the right to fight. He has the right to defend himself and, if he wants, tell his story. He has the right to have legal representation on his side helping him do everything possible to achieve the best outcome possible. 


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