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The monetary costs of DUI

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Drunk Driving, DUI

DUI convictions cost people time and money. They can create difficulties in traveling to and from work. They can jeopardize a professional license. Most of all, however, anyone convicted of a DUI in Minnesota may have these additional costs:

Fines: $1000-$3000

For first-time offenders whose BAC is under 0.16, the fine is $1000. However, if their BAC is higher than 0.16 (or if there was a child in the car), they will have to pay $3000, the same as second and third-time offenders.

License reinstatement: $680

All drivers who fail the alcohol test —or refuse it— will have their license withdrawn. Generally speaking, the higher a person’s BAC, the longer the revocation period. After this period, you must pay $680 to reinstate your license and $25.25 to get a new driver´s license

Ignition Interlock Device program: $500 to $1500

The length of time that someone must be on the ignition interlock device program varies. The driver must pay for everything in the program, including installation, security deposits, monthly monitoring, lockouts and removals. Each manufacturer has its specific costs, but the average interlock expenses are from $500 to $1500.

Bail and court fees: maximum $12,000

If you are convicted for the third time in ten years, or if you are under 19 years old or there was a child in the car, you can get release from detention by posting maximum bail. In Minnesota, the maximum bail is $12,000.

Chemical dependency assessment and treatment: minimum $25

Every person convicted of a DUI must submit to a chemical use assessment administered by the county. If the blood alcohol content was more than 0.16, or if it is not the first time a person gets arrested for drunk driving, they must receive special treatment. The offender must pay the cost of the assessment directly by the provider and an additional $25 to the court. There is an additional charge of $5 for repeat violations within 5 years.

Additional costs

Those dealing with DUI charges have the right to seek legal representation to mitigate the overall expenses of the conviction. At court, the accused can clarify the situation and, if this is done the right way, they can be relieved of some fees and even save their license from revocation.


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