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North Dakota woman charged with DUI, other offenses

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | DUI

It was recently reported that a North Dakota woman was arrested in the Fargo area for allegedly committing a number of offenses. She has been charged with driving under the influence and vehicle theft, among other things. In this state, the penalties if she is ultimately convicted on the DUI and additional charges filed in this case may be significant. 

What happened? 

According to news reports, on Friday, April 23, at around 2 p.m., police responded to reports of a vehicle theft. Witnesses informed law enforcement officers that the vehicle was last seen headed south on Belmont Street. Police quickly caught up to the car and attempted a traffic stop. It took some time, but the driver eventually pulled over. Behind the wheel of the car was a 33-year-old woman. She was promptly arrested and taken to Grand Forks Correctional Facility.  

A look at the charges and penalties 

As previously stated, this individual has been charged with DUI. As she refused to test for impairment, she is also charged with DUI refusal. The other charges filed against her include car theft, fleeing in a motor vehicle, reckless driving and driving under suspension. If convicted on any of these charges, she is looking at penalties such as jail time, fines, potential loss of driving privileges and court-ordered rehabilitation. 


Thankfully, the accused has the right to defend herself in a North Dakota criminal court. As there is a lot involved in this case and a lot working against her, how she approaches her defense matters. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help her navigate the legal system, as well as prepare and present a defense that best serves her interests. 


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