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2 arrested for shooting and attempted robbery in Fargo

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Police in North Dakota recently arrested two young men for their alleged involvement in an incident that left a child injured. According to reports, an attempted robbery led to a shooting. The child was an unintended victim of the event.  

What happened? 

On Monday, March 22, at approximately 7 p.m., a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old male were meeting someone in a Fargo neighborhood when they allegedly attempted to rob that person. Shots were fired, and a child in a nearby home was struck in the head by a stray bullet. Thankfully, the child is said to be in stable condition.  

Authorities located the teens a short time after the incident and took them into custody. They are both charged with robbery, discharging a firearm in city limits and reckless endangerment with a gun. Authorities are still looking for the other person involved in this incident  the alleged victim of the attempted robbery. It is unclear if any charges will be filed against that individual.  

Criminal defense 

Both of these young men are facing charges that carry stiff penalties in North Dakota if they are convicted. Thankfully, they both have the right to defend themselves in criminal court  or in the younger gentlemans case, juvenile court  and that is something they do not have to do alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help each of the accused as they work their way through the criminal justice system by questioning any evidence offered against them, which may bring information to light that will prove helpful to their cases.   


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