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How can you beat DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | DUI

A DUI conviction can drastically change the way you live. Losing your license, job, and even your ability to earn a job or keep your current one are all at stake, depending on the severity of your charges and previous convictions.

In Minnesota alone, police arrested more than 24,000 people in a year for driving under the influence. With so many arrests per year, is it possible to defend against the charges? Several situations may apply to your unique situation.


Duress describes a person acting in a certain way because of the threats they received from another person. A person who drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol because of duress may be able to avoid charges if they can prove suitable duress.

Unknown intoxication

Sometimes, when a person is on a new prescription, they may not be aware of how the new prescription interacts with alcohol or other prescriptions. These new interactions may catch a driver off-guard, and they wind up driving while under the influence.

It was essential

Sometimes the best or only choice to save a life requires someone driving while under the influence. If someone got hurt at a party and they need a ride to the hospital, there may not be anyone sober enough to make the drive.

Police error

Suppose the police made a mistake while collecting evidence or performing the arrest. In that case, it may be possible for an experienced criminal defense attorney to leverage that to get a court to drop the charges. Ask a lawyer to review your case to determine if the police made a critical error.

Do not give up

There are many possible avenues that someone could defend themselves from a DUI conviction. Protect your license, future, and freedom by consulting with a lawyer, you can trust to protect you.



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