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What can you expect if the court orders probation?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Blog

In the state of Minnesota, the court will order probation at the time of sentencing if it applies to your case.

The judge will consider several factors in determining probation. If you are eligible, what are the requirements, and what constitutes a violation?

The conditions of probation

There are standard conditions of probation in the state of Minnesota. These include

  •         Following all federal and state criminal laws
  •         Contacting your probation officer according to instructions
  •         Cooperating if the probation officer needs to search your person, vehicle, residence or workplace
  •         Providing a DNA sample upon request
  •         Signing releases of information according to direction

You must also notify your probation officer within 72 hours if you change your contact information or if you have any contact with law enforcement; for example, if the police charge you with a crime. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to possess or use explosives, firearms or ammunition, and you cannot vote in an election until you have concluded probation and have regained your civil rights.

Probation activity

One example of an activity in which you might participate while on probation is the Sentence to Serve, or STS program. This program allows you to work off your community service hours and reduce your fines. Participants work as a team under the supervision of a Corrections staff member. Work crews help finish government or nonprofit projects that the agencies do not otherwise have the manpower to complete.

Violation issues

If you are on probation, you must follow requirements exactly. You could incur a violation if you fail a drug test, miss a meeting with a probation officer, do not complete your community service assignment or commit another criminal offense. Depending on your criminal record and the severity of the violation, you could face additional probation requirements or even jail time.


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