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Couple charged for drug crimes, child neglect

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Drug Charges

North Dakota police recently arrested two individuals they say were involved in a methamphetamine distribution ring. Facing serious charges for alleged drug crimes, the two are also accused of child neglect. The couple’s four children are currently no longer in their care, and the home in which they lived was declared a public nuisance. 

Police showed up at the couple’s residence in late August to arrest the man and woman for taking part in a local meth ring. However, they also found four children aged 1 to 6 years old who were allegedly caked in grime and dirt. The living conditions in the home were reportedly unsanitary, and the attending sheriff requested that health officials come evaluate the residence. Reports indicate that piles of debris and rotting food posed a serious danger. 

The children’s mother is charged with six misdemeanors and seven felonies. The father also faces six misdemeanor charges, but is currently accused of eight felonies. Authorities did not make clear which of these charges are related to their alleged involvement in drug distribution and which are for their children’s apparent living conditions. The individual believed to be at the head of the drug ring was also arrested on 11 felony charges. 

Defendants accused of committing drug crimes usually understand just how much is on the line. Not only are their current and future job opportunities at stake, but North Dakota parents may lose access to their children. For those who want to prioritize minimizing these types of potential impacts, beginning criminal defense preparations as early on in the process as possible is usually well advised.  


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