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Two Grand Forks men facing charges for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Drug Charges

Methamphetamine is a drug that causes concern to law enforcement agencies in North Dakota and around the country. Police officers routinely arrest individuals for using, manufacturing or selling the substance. In other instances, delivery or distribution of the drug is identified. Two men from Grand Forks were recently charged with drug crimes following an investigation.

The Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force had been conducting an investigation of meth trafficking. Records show that an informant had been used to purchase methamphetamine from a 27-year-old man. As a second transaction was taking place, surveillance video showed that the man was talking to a 22-year-old man in a sport utility vehicle. Shortly after the discussion, the older man was supposedly spotted with two ounces of meth and some cash.

The older man was arrested soon after the transaction was observed. Officers also located the sport utility vehicle and identified the younger man. After obtaining a warrant, officers searched his vehicle. More than two ounces of marijuana was discovered, along with marijuana wax, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia.

Both men have been charged with felony drug sale and delivery of methamphetamine. The younger man was also charged with felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to delivery. The men are currently out on bond, awaiting their next court appearances.

Anyone facing charges for drug crimes should seek the guidance of a knowledgeable North Dakota criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer will help clients understand the charges they are facing and how best to proceed. A knowledgeable attorney will work toward getting someone’s life back to normal as soon as possible.

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