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3 types of defense for domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Blog

There is nothing wrong with having heated disputes with your family members and loved ones in East Grand Forks, but when a verbal argument turns into a physical one, you could find yourself facing domestic violence charges. This is one situation you should not ignore. Domestic violence charges are extremely serious and can cause you great difficulty in various aspects of your life if they lead to a criminal conviction. 

You may wonder what you can do to get those charges reduced or dismissed. There are some defense tactics you can use, but they are most effective when used with the skill and expertise of a good defense attorney. Here is a brief overview of possible defense options for domestic violence charges. 

False accusations 

Not all allegations of assault are valid. It is common for some to falsely accuse individuals. If you decide to use self-defense, you must be able to provide evidence that shows the accuser is motivated to falsely accuse you. 

Lack of evidence 

Just because you are facing domestic assault charges does not mean the prosecution has enough evidence to make them stick. There are circumstances where the courts cannot provide enough evidence to support a guilty conviction, but these cases are rare. No matter what your circumstances are, you should not go to court with this as your only defense strategy. 

Claiming self-defense 

In some cases, the accuser is the one who attacked the individual who is charged. The real victim may have pushed and attempted to restrain her or his attacker and in the process, caused harm. Claiming self-defense is a strategy that works best when you can show the attacker started the assault and you were trying to protect yourself from harm. 

Domestic abuse/assault cases are not easy to resolve; the facts do not always paint a clear picture of the events. To protect yourself against groundless accusations and to improve the chances of you getting a better outcome, you might want to speak to a defense attorney for guidance.


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