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3 people accused of drug crimes in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Drug Charges

It seems that there are many different potential interpretations of events. For example, what could simply be someone giving a friend a ride could potentially be interpreted by onlookers as something much more suspicious. Unfortunately, three people in Minnesota were recently arrested on drug crimes after police received a report of a possible assault or drug deal.

Police reportedly received the call one evening on a day in early November. It is unclear what exactly prompted someone to contact police. However, the responding officer claims he came across a car that met the description supplied in the request for police intervention. When the vehicle pulled over, the officer claims he pulled in behind the suspect car.

The officer states that he observed four people exit the car, but one of the occupants, reportedly a woman, is said to have walked away from the scene. Two men in the car were reportedly on probation in North Dakota, prompting their probation officer to request that the car be searched. As a result, police say they discovered several bags of drugs as well as other paraphernalia. A bag found near the scene also reportedly contained drugs and paraphernalia, and the three people remaining at the scene were arrested. The identify of the woman the officer claims left the scene is unclear.

The three people are accused of various drug crimes, among others. Fortunately, the consequences of a conviction could be serious. To help ensure that the people arrested in Minnesota fully understand the charges against them as well as their options, they may choose to seek help from a criminal defense attorney with experience with such cases.

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