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Man may be charged after fatal accident

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Blog

Minnesota residents who have ever been charged with a crime know that they often face serious problems when it comes to overcoming stereotypes. These stereotypes can lead some people to all but assume a defendant is guilty based on only a small portion of the details in a case. Many media reports can contribute to these types of conclusions which only add to the challenges that a defendant must deal with.

Such is the case today for one man from Milaca who was involved in a recent crash in which one person in another vehicle died and three others in that same vehicle were injured. The man is suspected of having been under the influence of one or more substances at the time of the accident. Both he and a passenger in his vehicle were also injured. Reports do not provide any information about the man’s blood alcohol level or the results of any other type of substance test. Also not provided is any information about the evidence that may be used to support any criminal charges. An investigation is underway and charges against him are possible.

While few details about the event itself were given in reports, there were plenty of details provided about the man’s past criminal activity. These things are not part of the current case yet they can make it easy for people to draw conclusions about the man that may or may not even be true.

Minnesotans who must endure these situations might find it helpful to talk with an attorney. This can give people someone to work with who will look at only the important and relevant facts and treat them fairly.

Source: TwinCities.com, “MN mom killed in crash, 3 children hurt, driver held in DWI,” Richard Chin, Feb. 2, 2017


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