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Fraternity suspended after sex assault allegations

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Blog

In Minnesota and around the nation, concern about sexual assault on college campuses continues to be an area that gets a lot of attention. The topic in general can be controversial at times because of the difficulty in determinng what may be considered consent, acknowledging that circumstances of a given incident can make a difference.

The spotlight of collegel sexual assault has recently been on the University of Minnesota and, in particular, one specific fraternity chapter on the campus. Reports indicate that in a two-year period, one student was suspended from the school for an entire semester for his alleged role in a sexual assault. Another student was actually expelled from the university for his alleged role in two different incidents.

Other reports indicate that two female students made reports to one fraternity’s international director about different assault incidents. The director allegedly told the women that the fraternity members involved would be kicked out of the fraternity. It is not known whether or not that happened. However, what has happened is that the entire fraternity has now been suspended from the university as a result of allegations of sexual assault. Interestingly, no details of the supposed assaults have been given. It is also not known if any criminal prosecution resulted in any case.

College students or others who are accused of sex crimes in Minnesota might find it helpful to talk with an attorney. This may offer them the ability to learn about how to defend themselves in these situations.

Source: Minnesota Daily, “Delta Upsilon officials were aware of sex assaults 10 months before suspension, “Jessie Bekker, Feb. 18, 2017


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