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Some aggressive driving behaviors may result in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Many drivers in North Dakota may see such actions as speeding or swerving in and out of traffic to be normal driving behaviors. People are busy, and assertive driving can get someone where they need to go faster than those who take their time – or so they think. In reality, aggressive driving is not only dangerous, but may result in criminal penalties.

What is the difference between non-criminal traffic violations and more serious actions that can result in a criminal charge? If a driver knowingly operated a motor vehicle in a way that injured or killed someone else, more serious charges may result than a simple traffic ticket. Driver aggression is not a trivial matter, either. According to the AAA Foundation, causes more than half of all traffic deaths every year. Speeding is a particularly prevalent form of aggressive driving, resulting in one-third of all fatal accidents. Other common aggressive behaviors include tailgating, racing, ignoring signs and traffic rules and looking for confrontations with others on the road.

In addition to the dangers that the above behaviors pose, aggressive driving may escalate responses in other drivers and result in road rage, which is truly dangerous as drivers use their vehicles or other implements as weapons. The North Dakota Highway Patrol states that there are no state laws specifically pertaining to, but road rage and aggressive driving may fit into several categories ranging from minor traffic infractions to criminal offenses. It only takes a second for an impatient or angry driver to make a mistake that he or she later regrets. This is why a solid criminal defense is important.


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