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An argument in favor of decriminalizing marijuana

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Drug Charges

You may have noticed that the legalization of marijuana is currently a topic of debate in many states. Some states have legalized cannabis to some degree, from allowing the use of medical marijuana to letting people use the drug recreationally. The possession and use of marijuana are still considered crimes in many other states, including North Dakota. At Dusek Law, we understand the serious consequences you may face for drug possession, and we are prepared to defend your rights.

Many marijuana advocates are saying it is harmful to continue to put marijuana in the same classification as more serious illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroin. Can it help to decriminalize marijuana? The marijuana proponent group NORML supplies the following points about removing the criminal aspect of cannabis use:

  • States that don’t criminalize marijuana have not seen an increase in the use of the drug.
  • Criminalizing pot does not necessarily discourage people from using it.
  • States with stricter marijuana penalties have seen a larger increase in the use of the drug.

Additionally, billions of dollars are spent throughout the country every year on marijuana charges – resources that may be better spent on more serious crimes. Currently, marijuana violations are the fifth most common crime in the country.

It may be some time before marijuana is decriminalized in North Dakota, if at all. Until then, you will need a strong defense if you are facing drug charges. To learn more about the consequences of illegal substance charges, please visit our page.


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