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Woman detained in North Dakota on 36 felony charges

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Williston police say that a woman is facing 36 felony charges after she allegedly went on two crime sprees. She is being held at Williams County Correction Center on $150,000 bail.

According to authorities, the woman was sitting with a man in a vehicle that was parked near an off-duty officer’s home. After he asked the pair to leave, he reportedly saw them parked at another house nearby and called the police department. The responding officers say they could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle, and a search was prompted after a police dog detected drugs. Police allegedly found several drugs and other items, including a Social Security card.

The woman was detained but taken to Mercy Medical Center for an emergency. On June 28, the state attorney gave her a personal recognizance bond, after which she allegedly fled through a hospital window.

On Aug. 14, she allegedly entered a home while a husband and wife were inside. While investigating a sound coming from the basement, the husband reportedly found the woman. When he attempted to detain her, she reportedly kicked him, bit his arm and tried to stab him with both a knife and a syringe from her purse. During this time, the wife allegedly found her own purse in the woman’s purse along with several credit cards from different people. When police arrived, they reportedly found a wad of cash, a stolen driver’s license, a hospital worker’s badge and other stolen items in the woman’s possession. She was detained again and charged with 36 felonies, including assault, property theft, burglary, drug charges and criminal conspiracy.

In cases where defendants are accused of several crimes, criminal defense lawyers might try to negotiate plea deals to reduce the severity of the consequences. This may mean that the defendants plead guilty to some charges, while the prosecution agrees not to pursue others.

Source: Williston Herald, “Woman jailed for 36 felonies“, Zack Nelson, August 21, 2014


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