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North Dakota man charged for assault

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Criminal Defense

A man was charged for aggravated assault after an Aug. 8 fight in Williston that severely injured another man. A woman, whom authorities suspect is the accused man’s girlfriend, also received a charge for hindering law enforcement. After allegedly fleeing North Dakota after the fight, the two individuals were apprehended near South Dakota later that same day.

Police say the incident took place on South Main Street near two exotic dance clubs and the Amtrak station. Witnesses apparently told police that they had seen the accused man use a closed fist to strike the second man. They also claim that the man was smiling after the fight. A video of the incident allegedly showed the man’s girlfriend recording him with her cellphone.

Following the incident, police were able to track the movements of the accused man and his girlfriend by using the location of their cellphones. Authorities in South Dakota were reportedly instructed to look out for two 30-year-olds involved in an assault and possible murder. A highway patrolman stopped the couple’s vehicle, and the two were detained at Meade County Jail in Sturgis while they awaited extradition.

An attorney might be able to help a person accused of aggravated assault or other violent crimes to argue for a reduced charge. In some cases, if witnesses to the alleged assault are able to testify on behalf of the defendant, a judge may hear new information that could potentially change the perception as to the nature of the fight. For instance, if multiple witnesses are able to confirm that the accused individual did not initiate a fight, assault charges may be dropped.

Source: The Bismarck Tribune, “Two arrested after man beaten in North Dakota“, Josh Wood, August 11, 2014


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