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Armed robber who fired shots into camper remains at large

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Individuals in Grand Forks, North Dakota, who are concerned about how to best safeguard their rights in the event that they are charged with a violent crime may be interested in a case that is under investigation in Dickinson. Law enforcement officials are searching for a gun and other evidence in connection with what they described as a botched robbery at Heather’s Villa Trailer Park on June 20.

News reports indicate that the attempted armed robbery of a camper occupied by four people took place shortly before 3:12 a.m. The Dickinson Police Department was alerted to the situation by an unidentified source who heard gunfire and dialed 9-1-1. Officers who responded to the scene say that after first demanding drugs and money from the residents, the alleged armed robber fired multiple rounds into the camper and then fled on foot.

According to media sources, a 41-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to a lower extremity during the incident. He was taken to St. John’s Hospital for treatment of the non-life-threatening injury and then released.

Police initially detained one suspect who was released after questioning, but they have declined to provide information about any other possible suspects, as release of this information could compromise the investigation. At press time, the man who fired the shots remained at large, and no charges had been filed in this case. However, armed robbery is among the offenses that are classified as violent crimes. It is a serious offense, and if the police investigation leads to an arrest, the prosecution may make a determined effort to pursue a conviction.

Grand Forks residents who find themselves facing similar charges may find it beneficial to immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyer could advise the individual of their rights and options throughout every phase of the legal process and represent that person in negotiations with prosecutors and in court.

Source: KXMC, “Dickinson Police Department Reports Man at Large”, Steph Scheurer, June 20, 2014


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