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North Dakota man given key to friend’s home is accused of theft

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Sometimes a person accused of a crime knows his or her accuser personally. This can be a difficult position to find yourself in; if someone you thought was your friend presses charges against you. A trust you may have perceived as real has been breached and you find yourself facing allegations that can bring with them strict penalties and long-term consequences. 

A North Dakota man was recently charged with theft for allegedly taking cash and jewelry totaling approximately $50,000 during a period of two to three years. Some of the alleged stolen jewelry turned up in a pawn shop in the area. The allegations have resulted in two charges of felony theft. If convicted, the defendant in this case could face several years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

Determining whether the man wrongfully took any items from his friend’s house could be difficult to confirm, as the man had been given a key and full access to the home. It is possible that his friend gave him permission to take certain things at one time, but forgot or later changed his mind.

Any kind of conviction can result in long-term consequences that can impact the rest of your life. In cases where you may know your accuser, such as this recent incident, it is a good idea to understand what your best course of action should be regarding contact with him or her following an accusation.

Criminal charges should never be taken lightly. Everything from traffic violations to domestic violence to white collar crimes can come back to haunt an individual for years to come. Having the support and guidance of a criminal defense attorney can be an effective way to challenge these charges and work to have them dismissed or reduced in order to protect a person’s criminal record and future.

Source: The Bismarck Tribune, “Man charged with stealing $50,000 from neighbor,” May 9, 2014


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