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Drug Charges Archives

Jeff Sessions requiring prosecutors to trigger mandatory minimums

With the number of people incarcerated in the U.S. at unprecedented rates, largely due to long sentences for drug offenders, the trend had been to try to reduce those sentences -- at least for low-level, nonviolent offenders. That was the purpose of a 2013 policy memo by then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

Minn. medical cannabis program shows promise for pain relief

"When our medicines are killers of patients who entrusted their lives and care to use, we need to first stop doing that and then we can go from there," says Dr. Andrew Bachman, CEO of LeafLine Labs, one of Minnesota's two medical marijuana providers. "That's why I'm in medicine."

Federal government: Over-prescribing painkillers is a crime

As a doctor, you may prescribe opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine and hydrocodone, to help your patients deal with chronic or severe pain. Since opioids are highly addictive, it is considered a criminal offense to over-prescribe them to patients. 

Are treatment programs more effective than jail time for drug addicts?

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, they may do things they never before thought possible, such as committing crimes. Addicts often turn to crime to finance their habits or to secure their dealers to keep drugs coming in. In the past, the solution has been to deal with convicted drug offenders by giving them a jail sentence, but statistics suggest that there may be a more effective way to ensure addicts do not relapse or end up back in jail after releases.

The opioid problem in Minnesota

The fact that Minnesota has an opioid death epidemic is indisputable. In 2008, there were so few deaths of this nature that the CDC did not bother to count them individually. However, in 2014, over one hundred people in Minnesota, alone, died as a result of an opioid overdose. Fatalities occur all around the state, but the highest number of deaths happen in rural areas where medical treatment is difficult to reach.

What a reduction to drug sentencing guidelines in Minnesota means

In Minnesota, drug crimes carry hefty consequences, both personally and professionally. Not only could someone end up unemployed -- struggling to find a new job or housing -- but depending on the crime, he or she could also end up behind bars. Going by a recent proposal, though, there could end up being a reduction in the number of people who end up behind bars for certain lower-level drug crimes.

Many reasons teens try out drugs

Those who are accused of drug crimes, especially drug possession, are not always the hardened criminals that the media portrays them to be. North Dakota residents who are arrested for doing drugs started out like everyone else, but made decisions that may have led them to become addicted.

An argument in favor of decriminalizing marijuana

You may have noticed that the legalization of marijuana is currently a topic of debate in many states. Some states have legalized cannabis to some degree, from allowing the use of medical marijuana to letting people use the drug recreationally. The possession and use of marijuana are still considered crimes in many other states, including North Dakota. At Dusek Law, we understand the serious consequences you may face for drug possession, and we are prepared to defend your rights.

ND’s use of drug informants continues despite death

Being accused of any criminal offense can be an incredibly frightening experience, especially in instances where a person has never been charged with a crime before. Beyond that, many people are unfamiliar with the law or their rights in such cases, which leads to them making uninformed and/or inadvisable legal decisions. Some young people, for instance, are persuaded by North Dakota law enforcement agencies to become undercover drug informants in order to avoid criminal charges even though such conduct can be incredibly dangerous.

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